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Felix Snipes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization which started after the traumatic tragedy of a mother, Mary Snipes, when her oldest son was taken due to gun violence and in 2020. Mary wanted to honor her son and children by showing resilience, hope, and supporting other families that were impacted personally by gun violence.

Aug. 31, 2018 the lives of Mary Snipes and her family changed forever when her eldest son, Felix Snipes, fell victim to a fatal shooting.

In 2020, Mary was diagnosed with COVID-19. Like many that are affected, having easy access to information, resources, and treatment are paramount to navigating these uncertain times.

Felix Snipes

What We Do 

Felix Snipes Foundation will provide resources and referrals. We will assist in any way that we can such as resources, self-care, scholarships, and other needs reviewed by the board. Felix Snipes Foundation will also be a support system for individuals affected by senseless acts of violence and COVID-19.

Mary founded the Junction City chapter of national advocacy group Moms Demand Action after her son was shot, in part because there were no real resources for people such as herself and her family who had been victims of gun violence.

Please be advised that this page and\or website is subject to any type of changes made by the board.


  • Mary Snipes - President / CEO
  • Willie Snipes - Vice President
  • Emily Suyat - Board Member
Mary and Willie Snipes

Emily Suyat

Emily Suyat is a writer with a decade of experience leading local non-profit organizations, specifically in the areas of music education and gun violence prevention. Born and raised in Kansas (and forever a Jayhawk), she currently lives in Denver with her husband and two children.

Emily Suyat

Emily Suyat